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E-mail Talker 4.0

A tool that reads all your e-mails aloud to you from any e-mail account
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Scorpio Software

Email Talker is one of the smartest tools available on the current market to read your e-mails. It is one of those revolutionary tools which make your online life easier to a great extent. This software application acts as an e-mail management client, but includes many more facilities than a normal e-mail client has. It allows you to set any number of Hotmail and POP3 accounts under one hood.

It can read your e-mails aloud for you - the complete content of an e-mail will be read, so you do not need to read it yourself. This tool includes highly advanced settings to manage the reading speed, the reading character selection, the voice selection and its pitch, as well as options to play the animation or not, or to show the text in a balloon while the e-mail is being read.

Email Talker also gives you the possibility to play different sounds when an e-mail arrives in your inbox, an option that you can also customize. It is also capable of speaking up the current time in various formats, and you can also define a time interval for future time notifications. This application also enables spam filtering, where you can define the text or keywords based on which the spam will be separated from your inbox.

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  • Different voices available
  • Customizable playback speed
  • Also shows an animated character


  • Not a free tool
  • Speech synthesis for Asian countries is not available
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